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Our Certified Aging in Place Home: Building Peace of Mind

by Shannon and Kurt IvisonWhile at the Abilities Expo we were approached about our story. It originally appeared in .

Nellie and Cleatus, whom we know as Grandma and Grandpa, had lived on their own for decades. Over the years, time was catching up, and they began to show signs of needing more help. It wasn’t as easy to get up and down the steps to the porch or to keep their aging home cool in the Texas heat. Even the shower and bathroom fixtures were more difficult to utilize. Although their home no longer met their needs, they weren’t ready to accept the changes in their situation. They loved their home and had no desire to ever leave. Home is home, right?

But last year, their health worsened noticeably. It became clear they needed more help with their everyday tasks and medical situation. The average nursing home for two people ranged from $8,000 to $12,000 per month or more, depending on the intensity of care needed. There had to be a better way to take care of our grandparents. They had spent their lives working and saving to care for us. They were the ones who had loved and spoiled us—they deserved the best. It was our turn to give back to them what they had so lovingly shown to us over the years.

So our new journey with Grandma and Grandpa truly began here. They needed to be close to family and have a place that was easy to move around in—yet still feel like the home they were leaving behind. A Certified Aging in Place home was the answer.

We built an 1100 square foot, two bedrooms, one bath, open concept, barrier‐free home for them to live in just ten steps from their grandson’s back door. This home includes every necessity for our aging grandparents: three foot doors, vinyl plank floors, and low pile carpet with high visibility transitions to reduce tripping hazards. Even the bathroom is large and open with a barrier‐free walk‐in shower and grab bars always within reach. And in the evening, Grandma and Grandpa are free to walk out onto their wraparound porch to sit and enjoy the night breeze while watching their great‐grandchildren play in the backyard.

Since they’ve made the transition to their CAP home, Grandma and Grandpa have flourished by keeping their sense of independence while be close to family, friends, and caretakers. They are truly happy in their new home, having a revolving door with family visiting them on a daily basis. Now, we have peace of mind knowing that Grandma and Grandpa are close by, as well as being loved and cared for in a dignified manner. And we are blessed to have had the opportunity to build them the CAP home that made this possible.

For more on our Aging in Place services, visit us online at ivisonconstruction.com.

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